Unique Micro-mosaic designs

Mimesi pieces are based on a pure recall to Nature in using ancient craft methods used to imitate nature in minature, by combining traditional techniques like the Ravenna mosaic technique with the Roman filati technique. The result yields a high level of quality and harmonisatiion oftwo former separate traditions into one spectacular multifaceted craft

ANNALISA MARCUCCI: professional mosaicist / restorer

Annalisa has been working as mosaicist and mosaic restorer for more than 20 years in Ravenna.  She has taught countless students from all over the world. She further developed her mosaic skill in 2008 by training with master craftspeople in aone of the most prestigious atelier studios in the micro-mosaic world Studio Savelli in Rome, They hold the largest collection of filati micro-mosaics in the world, followed by the Gilbert Collection held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

She has gone on to develop her own designs and collections of micro-mosaic jewellery at her studio in Ravenna.