The term "Smalti" is used in mosaic and stands as a brilliant / opaque fused glass, prepared adding crystalline material (corpo) and coloured material (anima). These smalti provide a several thousands of shades, differently from few dozen hues of glass pastes.

The term "Filati" can be translated as "fused glass pulled by hand".

Micro Mosaic - Smalti Filati

This prestigious technique consists in applying high temperature to the smalti (glass)  to be modelled into the desired shape. The combination of 'Mother Colours'* creates an infinite combination of colours and gradients.



A natural bright room, ambient light gives better results in terms of colour and texture than artificial.


A stable and well constructed table in stone on a metallic or strong structure designed to resist high temperatures and moderate weight.



  • Metal crucible to contain the the smalti pieces to be molten
  • Pliers set


  • glass smalti 
  • blowtorch
  • stucco (a glue paste)


Individual elements of the design (a flower, for example) are created from tiny needle-like rods of glass smalti.

To obtain the "Filati" glass smalti are heated  to 800° celsius with the blowtorch, and the molten glass is formed using the pliers  to obtain the desired form (for example a teardrop shape for a petal), and then pulled and stretched into a long thread by hand.

The rods of colour are now ready to generate Mimesi Jewels.

In the silver or gold base form is filled with the "Roman Stucco", the so-called "roman cement" which is made out of an ancient secret formula still not revealed.

The individual tessera is cut from the smalti rods using a goldsmith's file and  tweezers and  placed into the stucco to develop and create the design or theme.  When the design is complete the stucco has to harden off over a period of 10 days or so to set the mosaic permanently in its base.

Queen Victoria's Jewelry Style:

Inspired by Queen Victoria's Jewels, silver oval shaped bases are designed by Annalisa Marcucci. Their specific weight, the consistency, colours are all meticulously researched -in order  that you feel, from the very first touch, the sensation of uniqueness

All jewels are worked with the traditional technique and on the original roman stucco made to the ancient secret recipe.